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Kyushoshin Ju Jutsu



Improve your self confidence by practicing an art with a rich heritage.Our style is Kyushoshin Jujutsu, a traditional style of jujutsu which is developed by Joe Carslake and Martin MacCabhaill under the supervision and with help from Yoshie Tanaka Sensei and Bjarni Hjaralffson Sensei, who studied for 28 years at the Eshojii temple in Nara, Japan.We practice, among other things,throws, jointlocks, pressure points, ground techniques, punching- och kicking techinques, kata, combat as well as traditional weapons training. Our training offers you a traditional way of improving your coordination, stamina, body control and knowledge in anatomy as well as Traditional healing Kuatsu. Furthermore, Kyushoshin Jujutsu is an effective way of self defense.
Our clubs are members of Kyushoshin Jujutsu Sweden, under Daiyo-Sha Ami Eriksson. For more information, please contact your nearest club or visit us on the net at: